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Fabiano Alborghetti,

Carole Allamand,

Urs Allemann


Guido Bachmann,

Jean-Luc Benoziglio,

Sibylle Berg,

Bern ist überall,

Donata Berra,

Clo Duri Bezzola,

Peter Bichsel,

S. Corinna Bille,

Hans Boesch,

Giovanni Bonalumi,

David Bosc,

Nicolas Bouvier,

Anne Brécart,

Irena Brežná,

Lukas Bärfuss,

Katja Brunner,

Ernst Burren,

Julien Burri,

Roland Buti


Arno Camenisch,

Alex Capus,

Maurice Chappaz,

Gaston Cherpillod,

Jacques Chessex,

Anita Siegfried (Text),

Claudia de Weck (Ill.),

Martina Clavadetscher,

David Collin,

Nicolas Couchepin


Flurin Darms,

Massimo Daviddi,

Martin R. Dean,

Zora del Buono,

Max Huwyler (Text),

Dieter Leuenberger (Ill.),

Franz Dodel,

Elvira Dones,

Friedrich Dürrenmatt,

Ralph Dutli


Dorothee Elmiger,

Lisa Elsässer


Urs Faes,

Luisa Famos,

Andrea Fazioli,

Michael Fehr,

Anna Felder,

Felice Filippini,

Catalin D. Florescu,

Eleonore Frey,

Ursula Fricker,

Alexandre Friederich,

Max Frisch


Zsuzsanna Gahse,

Katharina Geiser,

Massimo Gezzi,

Andrea Gianinazzi,

Dagny Gioulami,

Eugen Gomringer,

Nora Gomringer,

Roman Graf,

Dana Grigorcea


Heinz Helle,

Reto Hänny,

Franz Hohler,

Thomas Hürlimann,

Michael Hugentobler,

Sandra Hughes


Felix Philipp Ingold


Anja Jardine,

Hanna Johansen


Lorenz Pauli (Text),

Kathrin Schärer (Ill.),

Christoph Keller,

Birgit Kempker,

Pascale Kramer,

Thilo Krause,

Agota Kristof,

Tim Krohn,

Robert Walser (Text),

Käthi Bhend (Ill.),

Meral Kureyshi


Monique Laederach,

Rolf Lappert,

Doris Lecher,

Pedro Lenz,

Pierre Lepori,

Eva Maria Leuenberger,

Gertrud Leutenegger,

Hugo Loetscher,

Catherine Louis,

Jonas Lüscher


Urs Mannhart,

Pietro de Marchi,

Plinio Martini,

Grytzko Mascioni,

Mariella Mehr,

Jérôme Meizoz,

Klaus Merz,

Michel Mettler,

Jörg Müller,

Gianna Molinari,

Perikles Monioudis,

Adolf Muschg


Melinda Nadj Abonji,

Andreas Neeser,

Jens Nielsen


Giovanni Orelli,

Angelika Overath


Rose-Marie Pagnard,

Andri Peer,

Oscar Peer,

Anne Perrier,

Rut Plouda,

Marius Daniel Popescu,

Dubravko Pušek,

Fabio Pusterla


Claudia Quadri


Kuno Raeber,

Philippe Rahmy,

Dragica Rajčić,

Ilma Rakusa,

Nicolas Robel,

Antonio Rossi,

Gustave Roud,

Anna Ruchat,

Simona Ryser


Catherine Safonoff,

Isolde Schaad,

Hansjörg Schertenleib,

Michail Schischkin,

Hansjörg Schneider,

Kathrin Schärer,

Jürg Schubiger,

Hans Schumacher,

Ruth Schweikert,

Monique Schwitter,

Jon Semadeni,

Tommaso Soldini,

Anna Sommer,

Peter Stamm,

Michael Stauffer,

Bruno Steiger,

Michelle Steinbeck,

Jens Steiner,

Carmen Stephan,

Beat Sterchi,

Martin Suter


José-Flore Tappy,

Pierre-Alain Tâche,

Matteo Terzaghi,

Leo Tuor


Marie-Jeanne Urech,

Raphael Urweider


Aglaja Veteranyi,

Christina Viragh,

Peter von Matt


Robert Walser,

Frédéric Wandelère,

Julia Weber,

Peter Weber,

Markus Werner,

Urs Widmer


Mary-Laure Zoss,

Matthias Zschokke

Fabiano Alborghetti

Registro dei fragili. 43 canti

« era quello il suo lavoro era quello il suo mestiere esser corpo da vedere, esser forma da tivù »

A news story is the starting point for this extraordinary collection of poems. A mother kills her own child. The photo in the paper shows a blonde woman with a provocative appearance in the grip of an obsession with youth and success. The poet becomes a chronicler in search of reality with all of its various levels and hidden compartments. In the previous book («L'opposta Riva», 2006) the author visited the underground world of immigrants. In «Registro dei fragili», he pursues the realities of supermarkets, gyms and the colourful illusions of a society corrupted by television. To give poetic expression to this disconcerting realm of the vulgar, Fabiano Alborghetti (*1970) adopts a subtly sophisticated metre. Stanzas of octosyllable verse snake the page circling rhythmic themes that hint at nursery rhymes, reaching lofty stylistic heights or fading out in terrestrial realms. Alborghetti punctuates his verse with internal rhymes and clinking alliterations, and infuses it with worn-out statements from the world of fashion and celebrity: «That was his job and his calling / to be a body, for exhibition, TV material.»

(Pierre Lepori, trans. by Andrea Willfratt)

Translation of title: Directory of the Vulnerable

Casagrande, Bellinzona 2009

ISBN: 978-88-7713-559-9

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